Name:Seven HUANG
Position:Company Partner
Company:Shenzhen Bion Interactive Entertainment Co.,Ltd.

He has worked for Tencent for 9 years and is the head of brand marketing team of Interactive Entertainment Marketing Department. The core is responsible for brand marketing and event building across the line of fire, as well as community operation and marketing of Tianya Mingyue Knife, the ancient century, swordsman romance, hot-blooded legendary Hand-lamp game. Initiate the game interactive micro-film gathering order, initiate the China Professional Competition League CFPL, help CF reach the peak of 6 million online at the same time; Initiate the swordsman relationship, forget about the pub fan community and interactive video.

In view of the current situation and problems of the domestic game market, we have found a breakthrough point and provided a method with great market potential - human interactive image. Introduce the game design, narrative design and R&D ideas of human interactive images; what types of human interactive images can be developed for and faced with what types of audiences; what kind of incremental market human interactive images can bring to the game industry and its accounting mechanism, such as revenue can not only come from the game platform, entertainment applications,can also come from the traditional film and television market; analyze the differences and advantages of live interactive video and traditional games in distribution, share the successful cases of Bion Mutual Entertainment's independent R&D and cooperation with other film and television companies, as well as our strategic planning for the future and possible business cooperation space.