Name:Wendy JIN
Position:Executive Director | China

Appointed LINE GAMES China Executive Director after LINE GAMES was established after merging with NextFloor in 2018. Oversees publishing of overseas products into China, developer partnerships, studio investments, China publishing partnerships and other businesses.

Worked in NEXON China after joining the games industry in 2008. Co-founded mobile developer MobilFactory in Seoul, Korea in 2012. Also founded MOYO Games, and was involved in the distribution of overseas games and comics into China during this period.

LINE GAMES is a subsidiary of global instant messaging service company LINE Corporation. Formed in 2018 after merging with Korean game developer NextFloor, LINE GAMES now currently provides game service coverage across mobile, PC, console and other platforms. 

Be it product publishing selection or product development, “Only FUN” is the key tenet of LINE GAMES. Developers are deeply involved in the product process as soon as a project commences to deliver the best product experience and publishing results.

In 2019, we will be launching our latest titles First Summoner and Exos Heroes on mobile, Project NL on multiple platforms, Buried Stars on console and many more across the global market. We are also highly anticipative in seeking the right partner within China, who will join hands with us in our efforts to tackle the global gaming market.

From the starting point of co-development, all through to the final stage of publishing, we will be sharing our publishing experiences during each stage of the entire process, and hope to get a conversation started, with everyone. Our experience will be based off a deep-dive into our flagship products like Dragon Flight and Destiny Child, as well as new titles in our pipeline.