Name:Tao ZHANG
Position:Founder & Producer
Company:Shanghai TiGames Network Technology Limited

Mr. Zhang Tao has more than 17 years of experience in game industry. He has worked at Epic Games China and Tencent for many years. He is a technical artist and game producer in the industry. At present, Mr. Zhang Tao is the founder and CEO of Shanghai TiGames. TiGames is an emerging and focused console game development team. Since its inception, it has won excellent game titles such as “Ancient Amuletor” and “F.I.S.T.”. Highly recognized outside the industry.

‘F.I.S.T.’ being produced by Shanghai TiGames is a 2.5D platform action Matoridvania game developed with Unreal Engine 4.

This Speech will show you how to use UE4's cut-edge 3D rendering technology to improve the visual quality of traditional 2D action game; how to combine 3D Technical with traditional 2D game; and how to optimize rendering efficiency on the game console.