Name:Haozheng JIN
Company:ChengDu Indie League Network Technology Co.,Ltd

Work at Ubisoft from 2010 to 2015. Core dev at project <Might and Magic Raiders><Might and Magic Duel of Champions>

Make indie games from 2015 to 2018. Make indie games on mobile like <A Fairy Tale of Lotus><Master Ring>...
Build a new team to develop project <Zengeon> from 2018 to 2019. 

How to unite indie developers in new projects? How to survive as an indie game company? We’re trying new solutions.

1. Combine keywords. Game <Zengeon> combines the keywords “roguelike” and “ARPG” together, which is not commercialized but worth a try as an indie game. At the same time, we add the keyword “two dimensions” or so called “weed” to the game. Thus we can have a better commercialization space.

2. Use a brain graph to ensure indie developers are on the same road. Let the one who deals with integration and refinement to increase the capacity of production.

3. Maintain the novelty of indie games. Open a Live room to share game development with players, to let them make a different in game.

4. Increase commercialized content after the gameplay is acceptable by players. Make a PC game first, and try other platforms later.

5. Flexible salary, flexible work time in an indie team.

6. Maintain the construct and perfection of game IP.