Name:Ruonan ZHAO
Company:Unlimited Fly Inc.

Ruonan Zhao, Master of Engineering. After graduated from USC, Ruonan worked for Sony’s second part studio Zindagi Game in Los Angels for two PlayStation Move titles <Deadmund's Quest> and <Sports Champions 2>. He came back to China in 2012 and made two famous Chinese title <RainBlood> and <DarkBlade>. For now, He start his own studio and works on PSVR title <Blind Spot> and 2D platform Game <Kelipot>.

Indie Game Studio’s resource is usually limited, but our standard for fine art in our game stay the same with AAA studio. When it comes to animation, we usually take a lot of time to make animations like a lot of floating enemy, a flock of birds or some floating weapons around main character and it is hard to make them look natural. In this speech, you will learn some basic concept of Steering Behavior and how did programmer of <RainBlood> and <Kelipot> use Steering Behavior to help their artist and designer to have a better job.