Name:Jack CAI
Company:Shenzhen Lemon Jam Technology co. limited

Co-founder and CEO of Lemon Jam Studio. Graduated from Jinan University. Started developing apps and games since 2010. Founded Lemon Jam Studio in 2014 with Job. Made and published over 20 games in Lemon Jam Games. Among those games, get App Store best new games feature 17 times. Pursuit of Light 1 and 2 get the App of the Week reward and being installed on Apple Store demo devices. Our latest game Infinite Knights get featured by Taptap editor.

Games: Into Mirror, Pursuit of Light, Infinite Knights, Zombie Wife

Many people want to make indie games. But it’s very difficult to finish making the games. It’s more difficult if you want to finish it perfectly. After I founded Lemon Jam Games, we make a lot of games, including some very simple games and midcore games. We have make some mistakes and also face many problems. So here in this speech, I want to talk about the experience of how to choose your game’s gameplay and how to think out of a good idea and finish it.