Name:Zhuoshi SUN
Position:Senior Application Engineer
Company:Intel Asia Pacific Research Development Ltd.

Senior application engineer at Intel, in charge of consulting, training and support of Intel game techniques in PRC.

Succeeded supporting famous open source cocos game engines on supporting and optimizing on Intel platforms.  Meanwhile offering technical support on cocos game developers.

Succeeded leading organization of major game events of Intel China, extended it to major zones of local game ecosystem.

At present, he focused on building Intel’s influence in indie game ecosystem of PRC and related technical support.

Before joining Intel, he worked at Kingsoft Dalian as project director. He succeeded leading the technical development of Mission Against Terror, which is the first FPS online game of Kingsoft. Besides, he also took part in development of several MMORPG at Kingsoft, including the famous JX online series.

In this session, I’ll introduce the background of ISPC and how it solves the problems we face when writing SIMD code. And then I’ll share the successful stories of ISPC, especially in the gaming industry. After that I’ll introduce in detail what is ISPC, from the language to the compiler. At last I’ll introduce how to use ISPC in developers’ own projects and some useful tools.