Name:Juha VAINIO
Position:Lead Producer
Company:Remedy Entertainment

Juha is the Lead Producer of CONTROL at Remedy Entertainment with 15 years of management experience in software development and 7 years of production experience in the games industry. During his time at Rovio he worked on titles such as the original Angry Birds and Angry Birds Star Wars among others. As CEO of Epic Owl, he shipped a profitable free-to-play mobile game Space Arena: Build and Fight with virtually no budget.

Currently at the helm of CONTROL, he is taking on the myriad of challenges in a full-scale high-profile AAA production.

Producing a AAA game with a huge multi-discipline team is full of challenges that need to be tackled in order to ship on schedule with the expected high quality. Planning, prioritization, processes, keeping tight focus, and managing the scope are of key importance in any game production and the importance grows even higher in AAA. In his talk, Juha will share some of the challenges he has faced in game production and the methods he has used to overcome those.