Name:Mingda CHEN
Position:Vice President
Company:Xiamen So Funny Technology Co., Ltd.

Mr. Chen got into web gaming in 2007, and worked on <Shen Xian Dao>’s server technical framework and team management. He co-founded Xiamen So Funny Technology in 2012, and has developed <Shen Xian Dao> (both web and mobile game version), < Rapid Clash> mobile game, <Guardian of Games> mobile game and <Child of Star>, and mainly worked on server technical framework evolution and developers’ team management. In 2017, he began to develop product direction of <Sausage Man>, then developed and went online, as the project producer. In 2018, he hold the post of project supervisor, in charge of the IP management of < Sausage Man>’s entire business line.

Experience sharing of <Sausage Man> iteration. We started from a 6 men team to develop a competitive survival mobile game, and now expand to a 70 men team step by step.
Hope audiences who want to develop TPS or FPS mobile game can get something from our sharing. So that you can avoid making detours and focus on content creation.