Name:Pawel WOJS
Position:Art Director
Company:Creative Assembly

Pawel has worked on eight major releases and countless DLC during his 13 years at Creative Assembly. Pawel has an obsessive love of history and design, which is united in our Total War games. He is responsible for art direction and art production as well as managing the art team. Pawel is the Art Director on Total War: THREE KINGDOMS.

Total War: Three Kingdoms challenges some of the traditional boundaries of the strategy genre by creating emotional connections, a detailed living world and utilising cross-genre tools. The game has been celebrated for its revolutionary diplomacy and campaign systems, bringing new depth and emergent storytelling to Total War in a way players haven’t seen before. But how?


In this Keynote, Total War: Three Kingdom’s Game Director, Janos Gaspar, and Art Director, Pawel Wojs, look at the creative process that fused Total War and the Chinese classic, bringing grand strategy to a global audience.