Name:Janos GASPAR
Position:Game Director
Company:Creative Assembly

Janos has been at Creative Assembly for over 8 years, with a combined total of 15 years industry experience. Having come from a historical university background, Janos is a huge fan of grand strategy and historical titles. Janos has worked on the likes of ROME II, SHOGUN 2 and was the Game Director on ATILLA.  He is now the Game Director on Total War: THREE KINGDOMS.

Total War: Three Kingdoms challenges some of the traditional boundaries of the strategy genre by creating emotional connections, a detailed living world and utilising cross-genre tools. The game has been celebrated for its revolutionary diplomacy and campaign systems, bringing new depth and emergent storytelling to Total War in a way players haven’t seen before. But how?


In this Keynote, Total War: Three Kingdom’s Game Director, Janos Gaspar, and Art Director, Pawel Wojs, look at the creative process that fused Total War and the Chinese classic, bringing grand strategy to a global audience.