Name:Eleven XIAO
Position:Leader of WeGame Publishing Team
Company:Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

I started my career as a game designer in Net Dragon in 2008. Two yeas later, I joined Tencent and began to participate in the game operations of several PC & mobile games, including QQ Xiyou, Journey to Fairyland and Demon Hunter: The Adventurers. After joining WeGame in 2016, I am mainly responsible for publishing games on WeGame.

This speech tackles how WeGame help developers and publishers perform better since its launch in 2016. In particular, it looks at how WeGame utilizes its own publishing services, to support game titles launched on WeGame, using some key data and detailed cases. This speech is intended to help developers & publishers know more about WeGame’s publishing system and how they could cooperate with it.