Name:Yifan ZHAO
Position:Co-founder, Improbable China
Company:Improbable China

Yifan is a graduate from the University of Cambridge.  He joined Improbable in 2013 and was head of technology of Improbable HQ at London, leading the research and development of Improbable’s core technology SpatialOS, including construction of workflow that supports fast local iteration, SpatialOS’s global infrastructure etc. He is co-founder of Improbable China since 2018, responsible for building the China team, exploring the Chinese market and business etc.

Online multiplayer games have been growing rapidly since 2000 and there are many genres and types of multiplayer games and gameplay by now.  Nevertheless, amid fierce competition, making a successful multiplayer game has met increasing technical challenges and innovational bottlenecks. 

Improbable, a British high-tech unicorn founded in 2012 and invested by Softbank and NetEase, provides a disruptive and innovative solution for multiplayer game development in the new era.  Its core technology SpatialOS goes past traditional server limitation with multiple DS power for big seamless worlds. It also provides a full stack of game development tools and solutions to support faster development of better-quality games. Moreover, it offers global server hosting for rapid global test and deployment of games.