Name:Atsushi INABA
Position:Executive Vice President&Studio Head
Company:PlatinumGames Inc.

Atsushi Inaba was born in Ishikawa prefecture in 1971.

He already had a rich background in the games industry when he joined Capcom in 1998. He became a producer on such original titles as Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Steel Battalion, and Viewtiful Joe. In 2004, he became CEO of Clover Studio, a Capcom second-party development studio, where he worked on Okami as a producer.

Inaba left Capcom in 2006 and, as the PlatinumGames Studio Head, supervises the development of every one of our titles.

How does PlatinumGames go about making an action game?

PlatinumGames veterans Atsushi Inaba and Hideki Kamiya discuss their approach to creating involving action, touching on the full development cycle, citing examples from Bayonetta all the way to their most recent titles.