Name:Alina MUDRAYA
Company:Values Value

Alina has 7 years of experience in HR & recruiting, two of which are in the Game Development industry. Lives in Berlin.

Now she is the CEO at VALUES VALUE. Alina knows the GameDev market perfectly: what the employers and employees want and how to help the best companies and the best specialists meet each other.

In 2019, ACHIEVERS HUB and VALUES VALUE have conducted cooperative complex research of the game development companies in CIS and Cyprus and created the first industry map of this region.
It gives a perspective on sizes and specializations of the companies that operate in the region, describes which games and game products they produce for both local and global markets. The results of this research will be presented for the very first time at ChinaJoy by companies’ top-managers: Elena Lobova and Alina Mudraya.

Besides that, they will share the vision on the CIS and Cyprus games industry: they will tell about the market hallmarks, perspective business areas, unique development expertise, most wanted specialists, and their salaries. The talk will also highlight the results of the third Overall Salary Survey conducted by VALUES VALUE. Almost 2000 professionals of different fields and seniority levels took part in the survey this year.