Name:Jian YU
Position:Audio Designer
Company:Beijing XiaoXu GameAudio Inc.

Yujian,CRIWARE China Technical Adviser, XiaoXu Music Audio Designer&Audio integration specialist, has participated in more than 10+ RPG-based project sound system design, integration implementation and resource optimization.

When the role action in game , player can hear the corresponding sound playback, but  usually, if the game have a good sound, playback is behind a set of rigorous sound system, namely: the players hear is not a single voice, In fact,is a sound after a series of influence and overlapping sound mixing, is a dynamic mixing performance. For example, Before the final sound is presented to the player, a single sound is restricted by the space ,environment of the character and the distance between corresponding positions, etc.. playing method and type directly determine the basic rules of audio system construction. The speech will explain how to design and build the sound system for role games, and demonstrate the integration with examples (the “YunmengSishi ”game as the basic example.