Name:Tomasen SHEN
Position:Chief Technology Officer
Company:X.D. Network Inc.

As the CTO of X.D. Network, Mr. Sheng is responsible for exploring new technologies to help X.D. Network become the world’s leading game developer and publishing platform. He develops, improves and implements the group’s online business architecture as well as the operating strategy. He builds middle and back end models consisting of gaming engine, Art Center, QA department. While staying on top of the present technological trends, he evaluates, breeds new foundations and leads the team producing lots of quality games across a multitude of platforms - Shen Xian Dao(mobile), Jiang Shen(mobile), Triple Defense, Shen Xian Dao(2016), RO: Idle Poring, To the Moon(mobile & Switch), ICEY(Switch). He also supported the launch of RO, Sausage Man, Shen Xian Dao, etc. With his contribution, the company’s TapTap game community and TapDB game data analysis have achieved great success in the industry. 

RO: Eternal Love is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) developed by X.D. Network in 2015 and officially launched on the marketplace in 2017. Since then, the company started to design more global service games, which also brought in unprecedented challenges because the MMORPG involves lots of interactions among millions of players when they battle, collaborate, fight, chat or trade. 
In this talk, Mr. Sheng will share stories about difficulties the company endured when designing global service MMORPG architecture, tell you how to solve the problems and explore what the future might look like.