Name:Xiaoyu LU
Position:Art Director Art Center
Company:X.D. Network Inc.

Mr. Xiaoyu is the Art Director at X.D. Network and manages the art center department. He’s responsible for the overall quality of art assets for the company’s independent projects, defining the visual style and building the Art Center team. He supported and helped produce artwork for Mu Zhi San Guo, Triple Defense, RO: Idle Poring, Youth Basketball, To the Moon(mobile), Final Heroes, RO, etc. 

RO is more than just a game. It’s associated with players’ youth, friendship, and love relationship. However, change is inevitable. To keep up with the new trend of game playing in the modern era, the artwork needs to be retouched or transformed. That said, the updates must show respect to the original material and also meet the expectations of older fans. 

In this talk, Mr. Xiaoyu will share his experience in developing RO. The audience will learn 1. How to create innovative design and bring emotional charm to existing gamers; 2. What needs to be focused on and how to create a new artistic style given the changes brought about by the new systems or platforms.