Position:Principal Engineering Lead

Dr Mike Froggatt is a Principal Engineering Lead within the Xbox Advanced Technology Group, managing the teams that support game developers on Microsoft platforms for both Europe and the Asia Pacific region. His personal area of expertise is low-level CPU and system optimization, but these days he tackles any areas that his teams don’t have the resources to cover. While at Microsoft he has worked with first party partners on Kinect titles, and with media app developers to bring streaming TV services to the Xbox platform. More recently has been involved in low-level audio optimization for the custom audio hardware in Xbox One, and assisting developers in moving their game services to the cloud. 

Prior to joining Microsoft, he was a Principal Software Engineer at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s Cambridge Studio, where he worked on first party games for PlayStation, PS2, PSP and PS3.

He is a member of the IET, IEEE and ACM.

Microsoft Game Stack is a unified set of technologies that supports the complete game development lifecycle: from design and coding through to retail deployment and release. Built on tried-and-tested technologies including Visual Studio, Havok and Azure PlayFab, Microsoft Game Stack supports game creators across multiple mobile, console and desktop platforms, leveraging the power of Azure cloud services to allow games to scale to global audiences.

While many of the components of Game Stack, like Visual Studio, have been trusted parts of the developer toolkit for decades, this talk will focus particularly on how Azure cloud services can support scalability, resilience and data insight, maximizing the entertainment and business performance of your games. Building on this foundation, Azure PlayFab provides a complete suite of analytics and LiveOps tools, and will deliver – amongst other things – cross-platform chat and multiplayer gaming, as it continues to evolve.

Wherever you are, on whatever platform you choose, Microsoft Game Stack provides the components needed to bring your audience together, and to play without boundaries.