Name:Honggang MAN
Position:Game Designer
Company:Sparks Games

1. Originally employed in 2K China, I participated in the development of console games such as Bioshock2 and X-com.

2. Designed Sonkwo, the first game platform of digital game distribution in China.

3. In 2015, I worked on the Blackfire Games and developed the indie game Runestone Keeper. It was the first independent game in China to be released on Steam, and achieved a good result for the company.

4. The new game Metaverse Keeper will be officially released in 2019.

Steam started to develop rapidly in China around 2015. Domestic developers have experienced unfamiliarity and familiarity with Steam. The number of works has been from small to large, and the enthusiasm of players has been very high. It has become an important gathering place for core players in China, so that many popular cultures are born in the Steam community.
Steam has also undergone algorithm changes in the past few years. Personalized push content, classified updates, evaluation systems and community content have also been iterated, becoming an increasingly comprehensive platform and attracting a large number of developers. But the loose community mechanism has multiplied the number of games in the Steam market every year, and a large number of developers are not valued so much that they are buried.
The domestic market is changing, including changes in the game market as well as changes in supervisory system. As Steam expands, the players become more elusive.
Imitators and competitors of Steam such as Origin, Discord Store, and Epic Store have also appeared on the market, and the console platform has also reduced barriers to entry. As an indie game developer, how to choose and expand your influence and benefits in a new opportunity and market state is the core issue that this presentation wants to discuss.