Name:Frank Mingbo LI
Company:Studio Surgical Scalpels

More than 15 years game industry experience,

2015-Present Studio Surgical Scalpels, CEO, Founder, Technical Director

2013 Slightly Mad Studio, Senior Physics/AI Engineer

2012-2013 Pitbull Studio, Senior Engine Engineer

2009-2011 Codemasters Senior Physics Engineer

2006-2009 Rare Ltd, Game Engine Engineer

2004-2005 Eutechnyx, Game Toolset Engineer

How a small team take challenge to make high quality console FPS game,

1.    How to build up team? What type of developers are we looking for?

2.    Simplify AAA game studio working flow, version control and continuous integration

3.    Efficiently using both external and internal resources to reduce development risks.

4.    A typical working day.

Flat organization to build up a self-managing team.