Position:Co-founder&Chief Producer
Company:ArtPlay, Inc.

Famous Japanese gold game producer, father of <Castlevania>. Igarashi used to be one of the head producers in KONAMI, and now he co-found ArtPlay, and also work as chief producer.
Igarashi had over 20 years of working experience in KONAMI, and left there in 2014. After that, Igarashi co-founded ArtPlay in Tokyo with Gang Feng who used to be CEO of Renren Game Japan, mainly focus on development of PC and mobile games. In June 2015, ArtPlay’s first work <Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night> crowdfunding over $5.5million on Kickstarter, the largest video game fundraising event inhistory. After 4 years of elaborate work, < Bolldstained: Ritual of the Night> finally launched in June 2019, and immediately be No.1 on the global top selling list and popular new release list one Steam. Got Steam’s full screen recommendation, and got amazing 94% positive review. < Bolldstained: Ritual of the Night> bring the fans players a long-anticipated feast. Igarashi had developed RTS mobile game < Re:Volvers 8>, partnering with famous Japanese gaming company SEGA. 

Igarashi had worked in KONAMI in 1990-2014, he used to direct and produce several famous games, <Castlevania> series, <Only Love>, <Twinbee>, <Gradius>, <Eldergate>. In1997, Igarashi directed <Castlevania: Symphony of the Night>, it made brilliant achievements, and has created a brand new game type ——“Metroidvania”, which has influenced many game practitioners and players today. After that Igarashi had directed several games of the <Castlevania>seires, including < Castlevania: Concerto of Midnight Sun>, < Castlevania: Minuet of Dawn>, < Castlevania: Lament of Innocence>, < Dawn of Sorrow>.