Position:Technical Director
Company:Two Point Studios

Ben worked on titles at Rare and Creative Assembly (including the award-winning Alien Isolation) before joining Mark Webley and Gary Carr as a founding member of Two Point Studios. As well as co-founding the studio, Ben served as Technical Director on Two Point Hospital, which released to great commercial and critical success in 2018. 

In the late 1990s, management simulations were hugely popular. At the heart of this nascent genre were studios like Bullfrog and Lionhead, making games that to this day live long in the memory. 
Many years later, Two Point Studios (including some staff previously working on those games) came together to revive the vision of Little People Management games. But what challenges did they face in the process? Would people still like to play Little People Games, 20 years later? And with Two Point Hospital, did they find a way to improve on the genre they helped to create? This talk looks at the process of games development in 2019 through the lens of Two Point Studios. 
It looks back on the differences between development in 1997 and today and assesses the recent resurgence in popularity of management simulation games. What interesting trends are emerging? Where is the market heading? How does the rise of the PC gaming market in China help the growth of studios like Two Point? What opportunities exist for Little People Games outside of the PC sphere?
Looking ahead, Two Point Studios examine where the genre might be going next, and how they hope to drive their own vision into the next ten years or more.