Name:Huahan YAN
Company:Xiamen StarRhyme Network Technology Co. Ltd.

I stepped into the field of independent game development after coming in first in IndieAce Game Jam 2016 China. Upon the completion of my master degree, I dedicated most of my time to various projects, including “Kreator” an already launched mobile game, and “Trootopia”, which is currently still under development. With these on-going projects at hands, I feel the need to establish a studio where different specialities may meet to create more possibilities, and this is how StarRhyme comes into being. The newly born studio would always challenge itself to produce games with high quality, as well as distinct styles.

The refreshing parkour mobile game “The Kreator”, supported by lovely animation and pleasing soundtracks, has been featured by various Android platforms and has scored as high as 9.3 on TapTap. With the hope of providing an even better gaming experience, however, the studio still decided to rework the project, and this brand-new version of the Kreator presented in front of you is the end product of two month’s exhaustive research and development conducted by a team of three.This Keynote will introduce to you the production process of the Kreator and share our experience of efficient Indie Game developing by highlighting several elements, including programming, animation, and music. A new game which our studio is now working on will also be referred as an example to showcase how we have continued our high-efficiency oriented methodology. We hope that this Keynote may inspire those who would like to build quality Indie Games efficiently.