Name:Erxuan HU
Position:Game Producer
Company:CottonGame Network Technology Development Co., Ltd.

I've been creating comics, picture books and short animated films since I was in college. I have five years' career in comics, and have published many long cartoons on various well-known comic platforms.I'm a big fan of anime culture who made her steps into the video game industry by joining Cotton Game. I have participated in the development of multiple puzzle game titles such as Isoland and The Mirror. 

Talking about video games with Chinese classical settings, the first genres to come to our minds are usually Xianxia and Xuanhuan. For classical detective games, we naturally think of ancient demons, ghosts, and legendary creatures. But classical literature features real life experience as well. As Arthur Conan Doyle wrote in his book, The Complete Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, "We must deep into life, only then can obtain the effect of the novel and extraordinary, and this itself stimulating than any imagined."
So we hope that our players are not only fascinated by the clash of swords and the mystery of poetry, but also the chitchat around the streets, and the untold stories of the insignificant. The Mirror is inspired by the Chinese classical literature "San Yan and Er Pai", which dipicts a cultural ecology via those "insignificant stories". For this event we are going to talk about:
The romance of San Yan and Er Pai;
Classical art in video games;
Current state of the Chinese classical genre, and the story behind The Mirror;
The language of deduction: novels vs. games;
Why we want a Chinese "Nijigen" game.