Name:Fei MU
Company:RocketPunch (Beijing) Technologies Co.,Ltd.

Well-known indie game developer, 2d animator, pixel artist.

Graduated from Beijing Film Academy, majored in game design.
Devoted to indie game development since 2006, used to serve as lead artist in Ciwen Media Group. 
Worked in Beijing Film Academy as a part time lecturer from 2014 to 2016.
Started up RocketPunch Games in early 2016, serves as the game director, producer, lead artist of HARDCOREMECHA, and also in charge of the game promotion work.

The whole speech could be divided into 3 parts:
  ①Brief intro of <HARDCORE MECHA> game development status:
      - Time cost, team members, contents volume etc.;
      - Phases of game development: Idea phase, prototype phase, mass development phase, publish phase;
  ②Problems we met and how we deal with them:
      - Unplanned version: Exhibition, crowd-funding, publisher demand, government censorship etc.;
      - Lack of teammates;
  ③Review and summary