Name:Calvin LIN
Position:Senior Manager of Content Technology, China
Company:NVIDIA Semiconductor Technology Shanghai Co., Ltd.

Calvin Lin is the senior manager of content technology of NVIDIA China. His interest in real-time graphics led him to study computer graphics and receive an MS degree in Computer Science from Shanghai Jiaotong University. After several years working as a graphics engineer in game studios and participating in development of many cross-platform games, he joined NVIDIA in 2007, and from there he spent his days researching graphics techniques and helping game developers get the most out of graphics hardware. Currently he leads a team providing consultant to game studios for GPU related technologies, focusing on advanced visual effects, virtual reality, machine learning and performance optimization.

NVIDIA has introduced Turing architecture featuring dedicated ray tracing hardware unit, and built RTX platform which enables a single GPU to produce ray traced effects in real-time. With the ability of fast simulating accurate light interactions, the visual presentation of contemporary games is already on the verge of cinematic quality. This talk will start with a brief review on the ray tracing APIs of DirectX Raytracing and Vulkan Raytracing; and then, discuss the implementation of a few practical real-time ray traced effects, including accurate reflections, complex soft shadows and realistic caustics; next, show the integration status of RTX technologies in commercial game engines, also covering the performance considerations; at last, present some latest games featuring ray traced effects, and look forward into the future of game graphics.