Name:Andrea BALLISTA
Position:Audio Service Line Director
Company:Keywords Studios

2015 – Present - Audio Director Global at Keywords Studios, responsible for the global audio strategy and audio operations. In these years KW audio operations have reached a global profile, setting up and acquiring studios in key territories and widening up the audio service set from audio localization to audio development services, for VO, music and sound.

1994 – 2015 - Co-Founder of Binari Sonori Srl, a company that mainly operates in the Entertainment Localization industry. I've continuously operated as Partner and Director, from Project Manager to Entertainment Localization Manager, managing hundreds of multilingual localization projects for main world-class publishers like Microsoft, Sony Computer Entertainment, THQ, Electronic Arts, Vivendi, Codemasters, Warner Bros. and many others. 
From 2008 I'm working as Account Manager for global key clients in Europe, Japan, US. During these years I've attended the most important Entertainment Industry Exhibitions: London ECTS, Los Angeles E3, Cologne GamesCOM, Tokyo Game Show and ChinaJoy.

Among the many speaking engagement, we can mention the following:
- New York, NY (USA), October 2009, 127th AES Convention, Game Audio. Speaker: “Techniques of Audio Localization for Games”.
- San Francisco, CA (USA), February 2011, Game Developers Conference 11, Localization Summit. Panelist: “The Multilingual Audio Mistery Tour”.

- Seattle, WA (USA), October 2018, Game Global Summit. Panelist: “Audio and its Localization”.

This speech will deliver a comprehensive journey from audio game development VO to international VO. We will start from why we do localize game to meet the local market culture and expectations capturing a larger audience, starting from the ’90 to the current global localization landscape.
While capturing the artistic vibes and feelings of the original game, we will see how to transfer the same vibes and feelings to all the target territories, starting from international casting, script & audio asset management, in-territory studios selection, audio post production and voice EFX.
A specific attention will be granted in sharing practices about how to prepare source assets for the global journey, in order to set up an easy, solid and efficient process, gathering all the key project information. Preproduction is the key for a successful international voice localization.
We will then make a final tour amount the key audio territories and related actor communities and practices, in order to be prepared to deal with a number of specific situation and get the best out from each local territory.
All these 4 main parts will be organized with slide and example, so that the take away will be as immediate as possible, and immediately usable to anyone that will have to deal with voice production and voice localization projects, together with specific info about key audio territories.