Name:Chao YUAN
Position:Technical manager
Company:CRI Middleware China

I used to work for Duoyi network , as a game designer and sound designer,Proficiency all the mainstream audio middlewares. I had participated for several games (such as ”D10"),mainly charge of game design, audio Architecture Design and audio middleware integration.

Now,I’m working in the CRI Middleware China as Technical manager, responsible for the pre-sale and after-sales technical support of CRI core-products ADX2,Sofdec2 & Sprite Studio

 The traditional game audio design is unable to effectively enhance the immersion of sound. meanwhile the traditional game effects are limited by the technology of scripts and game engines,it is hard to make effects more expressive.
   With the help of CRI Middleware Tools ,sound and game effect will no longer be restricted. Using middleware can not only creat the required game effect with the basic function efficiently; but also make more impressive effects with advanced functions.
  This speech mainly focuses on audio design, art design and shows how to use our tools to create better audio and game effects:
  1·Case study: how to use ADX2 to create a better interactive music experience.
  2·Enhance the art expressiveness by using Sofdec2 and alpha channel video.
  3·Introduction of Sprite Studio,2D skeletal animation tool with its own particle effects system.