Name:Peng DU
Position:Developer Technology Engineer

Joined AMD as a GPU Developer Technology Engineer in 2018, provides support on latest GPU technologies to game engine developers, and optimizes rendering of high-end PC games. Before that, worked as a Game Engine Technology Engineer on several mobile, console/VR, and PC games, doing customized development on top of Unity/Unreal Engine with a bias to graphics rendering effects.

In modern rendering engines, more and more tasks that are not dependent on Graphics pipeline, for example, image processing, can be instead implemented using Compute pipeline. As one of the two approaches of concurrent execution of modern hardware and modern graphics APIs, using Async Compute properly in parallel to graphics tasks can decently improve rendering engines’ performance. This talk includes AMD GPU hardware architecture as the background knowledge, the typical usage of Async Compute and resource contention with Graphics tasks, as well as analyzing GPU utilization of Graphics and Async Compute tasks using Radeon GPU Profiler.