Name:Jimmy HUA
Position:DevTech Engineer

Jimmy joined AMD in the year of 2017. He is now a DevTech engineer. Before that, he worked in some Chinese famous Internet and Gaming companies. He has always focusing on the R&D of graphics rendering and game engine and has wealthy practical experience and deep understanding on them.

In order to improve the quality and information richness of game image, it is quite common image enhancement is needed in the game post process stage. Therefore, AMD developed a set of algorithms for image enhancement based on GPU acceleration which released as MIT license. These algorithms mainly contain CAS(Contrast Adaptive Sharpening), TPP(Temporal Post-Processing) and LPM(Luminance Preserving Mapper) now. We have encapsulated these algorithms that it will be earlier for game engine developers to integrate and validate. Also, these algorithms support the Async Compute in the render engine based on DX12/Vulkan.