Name:David KAYE
Company:Snapshot Games

David has been building games since high school. He started out as a game designer at Iron Realms Entertainment, one of the world's first free to play game publishers. He co-founded Snapshot Games with renowned designer Julian Gollop to bring immersive strategy games to a global audience. Their current title, Phoenix Point, has raised over $2.5M in crowdfunding and is backed by Tencent, Epic, Microsoft and GC Tracker. Prior to Snapshot, he founded and sold Gaming Insiders, a vertical media and conference business that was acquired in 2016 by He has a degree in English Language and Literature from Oxford University.

In 1994, my co-founder Julian Gollop gave birth to a new genre of strategy games with millions of fans when he created X-COM. 
This has generated a huge amount of excitement for Phoenix Point, but also a unique challenge: how do we make a game that is familiar to the players who loved the original (as well as the modern remake from 2K/Firaxis), but is also original and different enough to stand out? 
This is a problem that faces all game designers: how do you balance originality with familiarity, the classic with the cutting edge? In this talk, I will explore how Snapshot Games approached this challenge during the development of Phoenix Point, why we made the choices that we did, and what lessons we learned that other game creators can take and apply to their own projects.