Name:Len ZHENG
Position:Sound Designer
Company:Tencent TiMi Studio Group

I joined TIMI Audio Group in 2017. And as a sound designer for Honor of Kings, Saint Seiya(Tencent).

In 2014 years, As a content provider of game audio for Contra Return,CFM,Love Every Day,Anipop. As UX sound designer for Smartisan, Tencent vehicle navigation

《Beat Dash》 Lead sound designer.

Saint Seiya is one of the most renowned and classic global brands in Japanese animation, and one of our key jobs this time round is to use sound design to enhance the player immersion during their game experience.

By melding our understanding of contemporary art styles and adding interactive techniques during gameplay presentation, we redesigned a classic story for a modern audience. Sound plays an especially effective part in conveying emotions, as well as being a core aspect of an immersive gameplay experience. We will explore how sound can spark users’ emotions, improve a game’s immersion and enhance their experience as an active player participating in the game, not as an outsider – about how we injected a breath of new life into Saint Seiya.

Our topics include:
1.How we understood and reforged a classic story and gave it a new lease of life

2.Discussion on how sound can create a state of flow that takes you by its hand

3.Sharing our experiences on the effective implementation of sound design