Name:Xia LIANG
Company:Shanghai Meowpaw

I have been working in the industry for 11 years and participated in the production of several MMORPG games for clients. In 2017, I started to set up the capricious studio.

3I games are small teams (20+ people) built with far more budget than indie games to develop high-quality and complete games with more freedom.

With the rapid development of independent games in China, besides the incubation of dachang, is "3I" game the way to "3A" game making? We will share our own exploration experience in the following topics one by one:
How to reward investors: develop a series of works, create their own IP, team sustainable development.
Game theme selection: give full play to thegreatest advantage of the local Chinese team, and adopt the traditional Chinese cultural background for modern adaptation.
Game type selection: choose the game type that can be narrated and shape the characters; Choose the mainstream game genre as the long-term development direction.
Explore your own style: explore the style that suits your team based on the direction that your team is good at.
Technology accumulation: never forget the accumulation, process, tools, industrialization can develop into a big team.