Name:Yang YANG
Position:Founder of TipsWorks&Producer

2000-2001 Shanda Group/Original Online Game Manager
2002-2011 KONAMI Shanghai WinningEleven(Pro Evolution Soccers) Lead Artist
2016 Founding TipsWorks studio
2018 TipsWorks studio Joins Giant Group

In this presentation, I will discuss our creative process and take you behind the scenes of Pascal’s Wager. I will also explore how domestic mobile games can create a new path to the next generation of mobile gaming, and how our small team was able to make such an immersive gaming experience.

Key Points:
- What defines the next generation of Chinese mobile gaming?
- Why is it difficult for China to make pure immersive next generation games?
- The difficulties we’ve experience and what we’ve done differently
- How to develop and manage a game of this complexity
- Discuss “Next Generation Games” beyond technology