Name:Xiancheng ZENG
Company: FYQD-Studio

I developed FPS game "War Storm" independently with UDK engine during 2012 to 2014.In the next two years,I tried to develope independent mobile game 《Bright Memory》using UE4.In 2016,I joined SeaSun Entertaiment to be a level designer in project 《XiaoMiQiangZhan》and since then I begun to develop 《Bright Memory:EP1》in my spare time,which took about 2 years to finish .

In this presentation I am going to share the ideas and development process of《Bright Memory》,which will cover the level design,core combat and level process design.

1.Level Design
How to design levels for FPS game with limited schedule and the process to build a highly detailed map.
2.Core Combat
How I combined FPS and Action elements in《Bright Memory》.
3.Level Process design
《Bright Memory》has only about 45 minutes game play due to limited development schedule.In this part,I am going to share  how to design a 45-minute level flow which could attract players and decrease the attrition effectively.