Name:Bijia ZHU
Position:Senior level designer
Company:Ubisoft Chengdu

Working at Ubisoft Chengdu for 10 years, worked in various video games:
Unannounced project, Scott vs the world, Might & Magic duel of champion, Assassin’s creed origin, Assassin’s creed odyssey

This session will discuss the theory of level design and quest design principles for in Assassin creed odyssey. In detail It will introduce the unique challenges to laying out a large space and how to adapt basic level design for a larger scale. Attendees will learn development techniques to execute each phase of level development: concept, paper design, layout, alpha and final. Also we will introduce how we use the quests to tell impactful story which increase the immersion of the game world for attendees to learn about what the biggest challenge is during each phase of our development, and how we collaborate between different jobs.