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Halo’s Frank O'Connor to Deliver Speech at CGDC China
Released in 2015-07-10

With ChinaJoy 2015 approaching, Sony and Microsoft have frequently played out a lot of new tidbits recently for their featured products PS4 and Xbox One in the Chinese market, especially Microsoft's official microblog constant hints that make the most players madly craving: When will the “Halo” series that is exclusively on the Xbox platform come into China?

At May 29, on the list of approved 2015 import online games on the SARFT official website, "Halo: Master Chief Collection" is impressively on the ranks, which is undoubtedly the most exciting good news for broad Chinese players this year. But, for the team that produced the "Halo" series, it is far from enough only by such good news alone if it wants to open the world's largest console market with largest potential.

On this year's ChinaJoy, Frank O'Connor, Franchise Development Director at the production team 343 studio which had produced the "Halo" series, will attend the China Game Developers Conference (CGDC) which will be held concurrently with ChinaJoy. It has been more than eight months since the Chinese "Halo" fans gathered to closely contact with the series. Now, a time just when "Halo: Master Chief Collection" has smoothly passed the approval process of Chinese authority and ChinaJoy is just approaching its opening soon, Frank's speech on CGDC could be the best piece for the industry practitioners to decode the marketing strategy of Microsoft this year.


Frank O'Connor of the "Halo" series games production team --343 studio


Frank has 20 years of experience in video games, and has witnessed the growth of "Halo" series since the 343 studio was founded in 2007. He is in charge of leading the team to manage the game series and explore and expand the game derivatives based on the story of the game. He has brought about rich peripheral products such as comic books, novels, movies and others for Halo fans.

In 2014, Frank and Xie Enwei, General Manager of Microsoft’s Greater China Region, attended a small press conference held by Microsoft, and have conducted some discussions and interactions with "Halo" fans, including some of the interviews concerning games localization, content translation, e-sports and gaming community constructions that Chinese players concerned about.

The "Halo: Master Chief Collection" that passed the “exam” is a collection of Halo works. I believe that Frank and the team have taken into account the special unique circumstances such as debut of China national Xbox One and the absence of console games in Chinese market over the years. The Halo, temporarily as an only masterpiece on the National Xbox One, is undertaking an important task for Microsoft's console games to develop the Chinese market. As Franchise Development Director, Frank needs not only to explore the Chinese player's preferences, adapt game content and gameplay, and also should take a side consideration on the operation of the sequel Halo 5 in China. Through game’s release, he must attract a certain amount of core gamers, accumulate popularity for the hardcore FPS games (First Person Shooting), and conduct the campaign for the entire "Halo" series before release of the sequels.


“Halo: Master Chief Collection” that contains HD remake versions is a gift dedicated to the Chinese players


With Microsoft’s years of cultivation in the console market, the release of the "Halo" series in Europe and the US was often accompanied by hot sales of peripheral products. Excellent quality of the games has pushed "Halo" game culture deeply rooted in brains of the European and American players, and the backdrop of wars between the future humanity and the alien race also fits the atmosphere of European and American sci-fi film culture. These factors are reasons why “Halo” has enjoyed a high reputation in overseas. Indeed, the successful approval of the game by Chinese authority brought new hope for the majority of China national Xbox One players on "global synchronization”. Whether it can let the Chinese players to fully enjoy Halo’s large war patterns and cultural resonance as like the European players do, it is the question demanding Mr. Frank and his 343 studio team to show resolutions and strength.

This time at the CGDC, the identity of Frank is not just the Franchise Development Director of "Halo" series, but one of pioneers in tapping China console market to the world standards. The industry had predicted that after the ban on the console market was lifted in 2014, 2015 would be a year for the console games. This time, the successful approval of the "Halo: Master Chief Collection" allows us to see the policy support of Chinese government, and the factor that Frank will come to the largest game show in Asia to deliver a speech is both a recognition to the ChinaJoy, and a confirmation to the assertion that Chinese console market has unlimited potentials.

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