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Tengami Producer to Deliver A Speech in China
Released in 2015-07-10

"Kung Fu Panda" is a Chinese story shot from the perspective of the mainstream Western culture, and the "Kill Bill" presented a mysterious and fantastic oriental culture in the eyes of the director Quentin. However, although they do the best all they can, the two are just West’s wishful cultural pilgrimage to the East cultures, and those who can truly visualize the traditional oriental arts are very few, among which, Tengami is the one.

China Game Developer Conference (CGDC) is the most authoritative, international, professional R & D conference for game industry in China, and is the important platform for international top producers to understand the industry trends, share the technological developments and explore new trends in technologies. This year, the CGDC has invited Jennifer Schneidereit to China to deliver a speech about the Tengami, to elaborate how this exquisite paper-art game interprets the beauty of industry and the art. (Note: Japanese paper art generally refers to the Japanese art of paper folding, and is one of the quintessence of Japan)

As the segmentations within the game industry go deep and broad, game developers increasingly need clever integration of cutting-edge technologies and artistic designs. So after the engine development and 3D modeling and other techniques show a tendency to be shared, the art design would more compellingly seek cultural integration in globalization for the game industry that is no longer limited to the local culture. In all independent games of cross-cultures, the puzzle game, Tengami, co-developed by a Briton, a Japanese and a German has made a very example.

Tengami is full of traditional Japanese cultural conception such as cherry blossoms, samurai, and paper cut

Tengami, the word is the variant of the words "Heaven" and "God" in Japanese. The Japanese cultural attainments revealed from the title of the game is just a small idea, after entering the game, the Japanese garden, family emblem, Shrine gate on the game screen exhibited traditional Japanese style and desolate old melodies, reflecting the deep understanding of Japanese culture by the producer Jennifer.

Jennifer had participated in the developments of games “Shinobido Imashime” and “Way of the Samurai 3” in Japan. She has a deep insight into the Japanese culture, especially Shinto culture, and as a Briton, she with the Tengami has made a great contribution to the cross-culture artistic expression. The Tengami tells the story of a lone samurai in the desolate origami world who is set to find spring strength. The game scene designs were completed by Jennifer and Ryo Agarie of Japan.

One of the Nyamyam founders: Jennifer Schneidereit

But the biggest effort of the three-person team Nyamyam to the Tengami is technology development. In order to present a unique art, they took the modeling tool modo 3D as the base, and has developed the “Paper Kit” used to generate 3D paper models, successfully integrating the reading technique of Germany and the paper cutting technique of Japan.

Tengami pursue of excellence in arts. It guided the game engine development and 3D modeling, and achieved a symbiosis of technology and humanities. This success is a classic example of successful integration of technology and aesthetics. It doesn’t only belong to the Tengami, to Jennifer Schneidereit, but also to all developers participating in the CGDC.

About China Game Developers Conference (CGDC):

China Game Developers Conference (CGDC) is the most authoritative, international, professional R & D conference for game industry in China. It is purposed to promote independent innovation of China's game industry, build a platform for original games of the Chinese enterprises to go to the world, share the results of the latest game technologies, explore new trends in technology, and strive to become an international professional event to promote global game developers for mutual exchange, learning, and cooperation. 

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