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Meow Staring! Toro Producer to Deliver A Speech in China
Released in 2015-07-10

After Sony entered China, the memory on PSP (PlayStation Portable) has pushed players to seek other games on Sony platforms. If we say the affection of Chinese players to PSP is mostly from Kratos who killed most gods of the Mount Olympus, then, the most popular figure on the entire platforms of Japan's PlayStation must be the Toro cat. This white cat, which has been active on various platforms of Sony PlayStation since 1999, is Japan's well-known game character, and it had once been selected as a TV ads endorser. With the PS4 entering the Chinese market, this time the cute cat comes to the 2015 ChinaJoy stage.

On China Game Developers Conference (CGDC) which will soon be kicked off on July 29 in Shanghai concurrently with the 13th ChinaJoy, Satoshi Ban, a game developer at the Sony Computer Entertainment Inc (SCE) will deliver a speech. He is the person in charge of the games of "Destiny of Spirits" and "Toro's Friendly Network” on PlayStation Vita (referred PSV) platform, and is also responsible for cooperation planning and copyright contracting for Doro. 


Satoshi Ban will deliver a speech titled “F2P on the PlayStation Vita and Making the Most of Cross-Promotional Content"


The speech of Satoshi Ban on CGDC will, based on the theme of the F2P model state at the PSV Platform and from the perspectives of planning, development, business management, and online operations by taking the "Destiny of Spirits" and Toro as the cases, share his online game operation and business cooperation experiences of home console with guests.

The strategic game, "Destiny of Spirits”, is a truly global social game which was simultaneously released globally for free in 2014. Through Chinese, English and Japanese versions, it realized global interconnection. In addition, it classifies the birthplace of the players into "Asian”, "America” and "Europe”. Different in birthplace, resulting in difference in game processes. Different game contents and versions designed for different geographic players and distinguished promotion strategy in different areas are the major features of the game.

China is the biggest promoter of online F2P model. But, while the fast-food level game contents meet the demands of minor players, it is criticized by many of the traditional players. Globally judging the social effects of the "Destiny of Spirits", we see the F2P model is not that without merit. We can only say that China lacks of differentiated treatments to users of different categories, and for payment tendency, it only roughly classifies them into 2 categories, "Whale Users” and "grass-root users". The explanation by Satoshi Ban on the F2P business model, which takes the "Destiny of Spirits" as an example, might be able to bring F2P game producers a new angle to look at China’s game market.

The other case story in the speech will be the Doro cat, which is the classic model of game roles commercialization. The game “Accompanying Wherever" launched in 1999 has made the white cat a star which is innocent and hopes to learn human being’s language to become a human being. While it is lackluster in game content, but in the course of teaching the game role to learn Japanese, players can share online game props, and experience the fun of multiplayer online games in the exchange of goods. The gaming experience generated in human-computer interaction and inter-personal interaction makes Doro a popular star well-deserved on the entire platforms of PlayStation; and the Japanese Fuji TV Morning News program even opens up an exclusive unit, to make it to the All-Japan TV screen.


Doro and its small partners are perennial stars in Japan ACG community


Multi-platform linkage expanded the Doro fans base from game players to ordinary families, Doro and other game characters also many times appeared in some of the anime as cameo. In this fever and crazy circumstance, the adorable Doro becomes a well-recognized SCE's mascot, and its peripheral products are sold hot in Japan. The model group of the 2007 Doro series were even out of stock on official website of the famous toy model maker "Kaiyodo", and all kinds of exquisite dolls and commodities makes so many people who do not play the game get to know it, thus, Doro has become a major copyright image of Sony growing from just a single character of games. On January 1, 2010, KFC held in China the activity called “Buy New Year Romance Package with Attached Toro". At the end of the activity, the total Toro issued reached 6.3 million, and many Chinese young people who paid even did not know that Doro began as a game character.

Through business cooperation to develop an online game character to a classic IP with huge commercial value, SCE’s secondary product development has played out the greatest value of the character. This success is a pioneering work and an example on a global scale. Satoshi Ban joined the SEC in 2003. With years of game production experiences and with the unique experience as the person responsible for Doro copyright contracting, it has made his case interpretation even more professional and authoritative.

Perhaps you are familiar with Toro, but do you know the secret behind why the Japanese white cat is so active in various areas of Japan? Maybe you have your own views on China's F2P model, but do you know how to tap the commercial value of this model?

All answers are at the 2015 ChinaJoy.


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